LML is located in the heart of the beautiful Laurel Highlands, east of
Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania. We are the high tech division of Laurel Mountain Woodworking.  LMW was established in 1982 as a cabinet and fine woodworking business.

             We specialize in high quality laser engraving of hardwoods, stone, glass, and leather. The walnut, oak, cherry, and maple is produced at local lumber mills. The glass and crystal are manufactured at the renown L.E. Smith, located not far from our Mt. Pleasant shop.

             I am an experienced  artisan with a passion for military history. I  look for perfection in my work. My hope is that these items will last for generations.

Contact :

Ed Mihalacki

256 Mt. Joy Rd

Mt Pleasant, PA 15666

724 423 6345

Email: stclara@wpa.net

Laurel Mountain Laser


Custom engraving of  wood, metal,

glass, stone, ceramic and acrylic

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